Sunday, August 07, 2005

~Family Reunions~

"Family is the first social unit for developing the qualities of the heart. A true family grows and moves through life together, inseparable in the heart. Whether a biological family or an extended family of people attracted to each other based on heart resonance and mutual support, the word "family" implies warmth, a place where the core feelings of the heart are nurtured. Family values represent the core values and guidelines that parents and family members hold in high regard for the well-being of the family. Sincere family feelings are core heart feelings. They are the basis for true family values. While we have differences, we remain "family" by virtue of our heart connection. Family provides necessary security and support, and acts as a buffer against external problems. A family made up of secure people generates a magnetic power that can get things done. They are the hope for real security in a stressful world." ~Doc Childre and Howard Martin

We have been celebrating FAMILY all neice Ava came to visit with Greta after Otto went to Boy scout camp with his Uncle and cousin....what a glorious week these girls have had...then my neice Sara came to join in the fun. The pictures in my blog show some of the activities we were up too.....[now you can see the reason I'm a very, very tired Momma 'who might have lost a bit of patience over the course of the last few days'].

Then we had a Family reunion today....actually, two of them. I went with Otto, Greta and Emma Sage down to my Mamies [and Aunt Jan and Uncle Jeff's] and joined my cousins and their families at a wonderful picnic. Meanwhile, Rick had to work late this morning and missed traveling down with us,,,,,but that was fine because he had a Family reunion of his own to attend. This was the first time in over a year that Rick and his siblings have been able to gather at one time. What a party they had. When we got home Greta and Otto went over to Grammy and PopPops to join in the fun.

As I sit and reflect on families I realize how truly blessed I my own family [that is like the cozy, comfortable quilt that always lies across the foot of my bed, so warm and nurturing] and of my husbands family, [that is the lively, loud, energetic music of the soul.]

While our families are very different.....they both share the common bond of being the thread that binds us and gives us the values we hold dear, the core of the heart.

So here is to Families............

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Belovedlife said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I am so glad that your family is so loving and accepting of Emma. Not all extended families are like that.
I enjoy reading your blog. Emma Sage is cute, and you're a great mom!