Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Emma Sage's Wild Ride

My heart stopped this evening........I'm still in shock.

I went to the library to return books, leaving Emma Sage with Rick and his brother Ron, Greta, Ava, Sara and Sara [two cousins and a friend] here at the house.

When I got home, Greta was standing in the driveway crying and my heart stopped. I turned to look at Rick with such a serious expression on his face that I started shaking because my mind wandered and of coarse I thought the worse.

Turns out, we are very lucky our little girl is still with us.

Rick was going to quick run over to his parents and watch the Yankee game with his brother. Since Greta and the girls were busy swimming and playing volleyball he said he would take Emma Sage with him. He decided to take the old Mercedes [was going to be Katrina's car when she can drive next summer] and put Emma Sage in the [old] car-seat and set off to drive the mile up the road. Half-way up the driveway he realized he didn't have his wallet and stopped to get it [leaving the car parked on the hilly part of the driveway] within a few seconds Emma Sage got out of the straps on the carseat and put the car in neutral and it rolled back down the driveway, missing his new VW by inches,,,Rick was on his way out when he saw it rolling, it crashed over a rocking horse and took out the big slide on the swingset and rolled until it stopped on a tree. By the grace of God, Emma Sage is fine but the car it totaled.

I got home after it happened and everyone was still shook-up.

I realize that Rick is not around enough to realize that you can't leave Emma Sage for a second....let alone in a parked car.

Poor Greta is still shaking.

Anyway,,,,,lesson to be learned. Never, ever, ever leave a child in a car, on a hill, without a good emergency brake. Actually lesson to be learned [NEVER LEAVE A CHILD ALONE IN A CAR, EVER]


Andrea said...

OH my god. I'm so glad she's all right. What a scary, scary thing.

Beth said...

Tara Marie, I love your web site!!! I am so sorry that Miss Emma Sage scared the living daylights out of your whole family...UGH! I am most thankful that it was just a wild ride and not a big trip to the hospital. And the scar on your tree will leave a lasting message...all life is precious and fragile. Hug your adventurer for me. Beth and Patrick

Anonymous said...

Oh my! How scary! I thank God Emma Sage is ok! Kids can sure cause us to get new wrinkles, can't they?

Mom to Kristina (4 1/2) and Brant (almost TWO!)