Friday, July 22, 2005

A terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day....naw!

Today I had a terrible-horrible-no-good-very-bad-day......naw, not really. Emma Sage was a hoot,,,,,laughing and giggling all day long, and after the following situation happened, she came up to me, put her hands slowly up to her chin, breathed in deeply, exhaled, pulling her hands slowly out and away from her body and told me "Mommy, relax, do Chi"

BUT, this is what happened before my sweet heart reminded me to take a deep breath and that it was going to be OK.......I was painting the hallway,,,,,I had the paint on a stool, Rick called into Otto to get him a cold drink [as he and Greta were outside weedwacking] and Otto forgot I was in the hallway [even though I had reminded the two of them mulitiple times to go through the other door way out of the TV room], Otto and his cousin Mikey came running through the hallway from the TV room and like a [slow motion] movie I watched him crash into the stool, spilling paint all over my new livingroom rug. Needless to say,,,,that was the point that it turned into not such a good time.

Greta ran into the house, Otto and Mikey ran out of the house,,,,got buckets and rags and water,,,,,I quickly ran to the A&P and rented a steamvac,,,,,and Greta and I miraculously cleaned up the coffee late' colored paint from the rug and hardwood floor!

So, did that make you laugh and realize that your day was probably a lot better than mine! lol!!!


Monica said...

Oh my! I'm amazed you were able to get it clean. I would have just sat down and cried while it soaked in and ruined my floor! LOL

Hey... do you want that graphic that Kari did at the top of the page? If you do, you have to change some numbers in the top part of the page. If you want me to help you out or do it or anything... just let me know :).

Heartmom said...

Ive very much enjoyed reading about your little girl. My daughter is also a special needs child and it is nice to find other bloggers out there that "Get it"..

Ill be back!