Saturday, July 30, 2005

The pendulum swings both ways....

Talk about the pendulum swinging both we went from happy/silly,,,,,to,,,,,terror/fear in the matter of minutes.

Rick, Greta and Otto are at his brothers in East Aurora, NY. Otto is going to Boy scout camp with his Uncle and cousin Harry and Rick will be returning home with Greta and her cousin Ava to visit,,,,so it is just Katrina, Emma Sage and I.

Today we went to TJMaxx as Katrina wanted to pick up a few things before she heads down the shore next week.

The pendulum was swinging in the joyful mode when Emma Sage picks up a yellow bra and proclaims [quite loudly] "I have yellow boobies!".....we laugh and laugh and realize that it is the perfect bra color Katrina was looking for so we add it to our cart. We walk along {reminding Emma Sage that if she is to be a big girl walking with us, she must stay near the cart}.

Katrina goes off to look at clothes and Emma Sage and I head back to checkout the linen aisles. I begin to rummage through the racks looking for my sheet pattern [Ralph Lauren ~ Shelter Island Blue Floral [[If anyone ever runs into king-size fitted sheets in this pattern I would gladly pay you a premium for your sheets]], and the next thing I know I hear,,,,,pitter-patter,,,,,zoom! I turn and there goes Emma Sage running down the back aisle towards the book/toy section.

I high-tail it out of the linens and yell over to Katrina to quickly go towards the other side of the store to cut her off.

I see little braids trailing and hear giggles coming from my bolt of lightening.

I think Katrina is over far enough to corner her, so I continue the same way,,,,,next thing I know, Katrina is looking at me as if I had found Emma Sage and I'm looking at her like "Where is she?".

I panic,,,,,this kid is quick and this is the first time she has ever done something like this.

I start calling her name, pleading with Katrina to run as fast as she can towards the front of the store so she can't get out the doors. My heart is beating way faster than it ever should beat...and I run to the front desk, asking them if they can page the shoppers that if they see a little girl in a sailors dress to please stop that exact moment I hear a woman say "I just saw her run that way" pointing over to the pocketbooks and luggage area....I run over and there I find her,,,,,,modeling in a three-way-mirror....still laughing and giggling.

I call to her....this time my voice has begun to crack and I'm starting to cry. She comes running over to me and I try to explain to her through my tears how scared I was [Which she proceeds to say "Roar,,,,,Emma Sage scare Mommy" and I have to tell her no, not scare me like that,,,but she made mommy so sad because she could not find her. Emma Sage looks up at me with those big blue eyes and starts to cry with me saying ""I'm sorry Mommy".

I just stayed there kneeling down and hugging her.


Emily Elizabeth said...

Oh Tara Marie, that must have been incredibly frightening! I am so glad that her great escape was hampered, and am eager to hear if your pleading voice was enough to make Miss Sage understand the terror a parent experiences when their child runs off. It's just so easy for a child to get caught up in the moment and go where it takes them. I just have no idea how will make Miss Jayne understand when she becomes her own escape artist...I can't even get her to stop poking me in the eye!

Tara Marie said...

Oh Emily,,,,my heart never tensed-up as much as it did on this day.

She is so fast, and way too clever for her own good. She had literaly gone around the whole store in the matter of minutes.

It wasn't until she saw me crying and hear my voice cracking that the seriousness of her actions sank in.

Watch Miss Emma Jayne closely, as this seems to be a common occurance that ~ that extra chromosome likes to express,,,,,freedom to roam!