Monday, July 04, 2005

Even though this shot came out blurry,,,,I love it, because my little girl is just so happy to be sitting next to her most favorite of people [or monsters] in the whole wide world.....Elmo is King in her eyes....and I have to agree,,,,he brings out the greatest smiles and giggles from my little girl. Posted by Picasa


Monica said...

What great pictures! I love it... where are all these pictures taken? It looks like just way too much fun. I'm glad Emma Sage had such a wonderful time!

Monica said...

PS... I love this blog skin... it is so completely perfect for you... I envisioned those wings as Emma Sage's wings from the first moment I saw them on the thumbnail of skins from that site :).

Tara Marie said...

Thanks Monica,,,,,I too just love my new skin, it is perfect.

The pictures were taken at Sesame Place, in PA [north of Philly] and I hope someday if you ever travel to NYC or Philly we can take Emma Sage and Mikey there because it truly is a wonderful place for children [who love Sesame Street].

Thanks for visiting my blog!