Saturday, June 25, 2005

You're writing the story of your life one moment at a time.

We went to the Chester Fair this evening.

It was such a gorgeous night out,,,,Very warm but with a slight breeze to make it just perfect. The air felt rich and smelt sweet.

Emma Sage loved all the sights and sounds,,,,except when it came to the fireworks and this is what we heard [Me no like that],,,,,,Emma Sage not like the fireworks]. Her way of pronouncing (like) is like a Southern Belle with it all soft and drawn out like this [Liiiiiiiiike] and it just melts my heart to hear it, but I was sad that the noise of the fireworks scared her. She likes to peek at them in the night sky, but turns to hide her head when the noise accompanies the visual display.

We played games, waved to people riding the merry-go-round, ate funnel cake and Otto ventured to try the fried Oreos, yum!

When we arrived home, Emma Sage was so glad to be [At my house] and ran to the front,,,stopping like a buck in headlights and yelled…[Mommy look, fireworks in the yard],,,,,,,,and there were lightening bugs lighting up the dark grass,,,and it truly looked like little fireworks twinkling and twinkling. So my little girl got to see [quiet] fireworks,,,and to her, those lightening bugs twinkling in the yard were just as grand as the big display at the country fair.

A warm soak in the tub, to rub off the scent of the fair and off to slumber we go.

Gosh, how I love a summer night like this one,,,,,,,I know all of the children will dream about the sights, sounds and smells of this evening and tuck them into their memory bank of a wonderful childhood evening, and as the quote above states,,,,,,they are writing the story of their life, one moment [like this evening] at a time.

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