Friday, May 13, 2005

There is a garden in every childhood......

There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted placewhere colors are brighter, the air softer, and the morningmore fragrant than ever again.- Elizabeth Lawrence

Emma Sage loves the garden. She loves the dirt, and to find worms. We spent about 25 minutes today checking out a worm. Emma Sage would share the worm with Ben and Claudia and the three of them talked and talked about the worm. They laughed as it wiggled on their open palms; they watched it as they placed in on the ground, trying to escape their captivity. We talked about how important the worm is for our dirt and plants, and then we all decided that we wouldn’t want to eat a worm! Lol!

The dirt,,,,this little girl just loves to have her hands in the dirt. She loves to plant seeds. We planted more morning glories, moon flowers and nasturtiums today. This part is the hardest for her to understand. We put the seeds in the ground, water them and then have to wait. It helped that we had a bunch of seedlings already sprouting so we all went over to see the seeds that we planted weeks ago growing.

Gardening with my children has always given me great joy. It is probably the main reason I garden… when I garden, I recall my own childhood and the many hours I spent helping my PopPop and Mamie in their gardens. Gardening is spiritual for me,,,,and watching Emma Sage in the garden makes my heart soar, and my soul feel so full.

Emma Sage does not let one sense be missed when gardening,,,,she loves to touch the earth and the flowers….little fingers touching each petal, each leaf, with eyes wide in wonder. She loves to smell everything,,, the flowers, the grass, the dirt and even that silly little worm today. We listen to the birds and bugs in the garden, we try to imagine the sounds a butterfly makes, because we have never heard a peep from them, not even a whisper from their wings fluttering. In our early spring gardens, we don’t have the opportunity to taste too many things, but the mint is tasty, and Emma Sage is not too fond of tarragon these days. Last summer she couldn’t stop nibbling on the tarragon, but this spring she seems to favor the mints.

So as the days stay warmer and the sun shines brighter,,,,you know where you most likely will find Emma Sage,,,,tucked in the gardens exploring.

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