Tuesday, May 10, 2005

The phone is ringing and it is for Emma Sage!

Our little girl turned 4…….Oh how can this be, just yesterday you were turning 3!

I have to finish Emma Sage’s birthday journal letter, but in the mean-time I just had to share some very sweet things.

The first is a phone call we got last week, the day Emma Sage handed out her Birthday Party invitations at school. The call went like this: “Hi, this is Skylar’s Mom….I had to call you right away because Skylar couldn’t wait to get off the bus and into the house to open her backpack to take out her invitation and to call Emma Sage’s Mommy to tell her that she will be at her party! I have never seen Skylar so happy before,,,,she is just beside herself and can’t wait till the party”. Then a few days later I get a call from Julia’s Mom. “I guess I shouldn’t have told Julia when the party was, because 20 times a day she asks me if it is time for Emma Sage’s Birthday Parth!”,,,,,,and then today, I get a call from Tylers Mom. She says “Tyler is so excited to be able to come to Emma Sage’s party and I just have to share this with you….everyday Tyler comes home for school and tells me that he “just loves Emma Sage’s laugh” He loves to hear her laugh!

Wow, what an amazing week for my very social little girl…..she has friends that her Mommy doesn’t’ even know yet and they adore her and love having her as a classmate. What a great 4 year old Birthday week for my little girl!

Party on Sunday so stop back to look at pictures of my laughing little girl!

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