Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I have yellow!

"I have yellow!"

What delightful words to hear from my little girl.

"I have yellow like the wall!"

Last night at dance class, Ms. Denise gather the girls around in a circle and handed each one of them a flower. The flowers were each an individual color and that was to be their placement on the floor for their dance routine. She had the girls look at their color and tell her what color they were. Each girl looked and told her what color they had. Emma Sage told her "I have yellow". Then Ms. Denise told the girls to put their flower behind their backs and now tell her what color their flower spot was. It was cute,,,,a few of the girls tilted their heads back and 'peeked'.....well Emma Sage was next to last to go, and when it was her turn she proudly said "I have yellow, like the wall" [the walls of the room are a bright sunny yellow!

My heart soared for my little girl to watch her participating in her class and following exactly what was going on.

So today, each time I have come across something in a sunny yellow, it has brought a smile to my face thinking about my peanut and her "I have yellow!" ....."I have yellow, like the wall" response.

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