Saturday, April 02, 2005

My silly little girl.....

Life has been very busy and very full,,,,full of laughter, full of music and songs, full of sports, full of dance, full of artwork [filling every spot on the refridge and walls], full of snow [and all the fun things that go with that wonderful white stuff, from snowball tosses 'Emma Sage thinks throwing snowballs is just the greatest thing,,and laughs and laughs after she hits you', full of giggles, full of joy, full of learning new things everyday.

These pictures below are a few pictures that I was sorting through tonight that made me stop and reflect on the moments they were taken.

Many things have been happening. Rick is traveling lots, but we are having fun imagining what it is like to get a sun-burn in 90 degree weather when we can still see our breaths in the morning air. Emma Sage is loving dance and has her first recital on June is such a sweet, free-form ballet routine to the song 'Colors of the Wind' and I know that not a eye will be spared from the tears of happiness that will flow from watching this sweet little group of 3 and 4 year olds. On April 16th Greta, Otto and Emma Sage are participating in our schools talent show. Greta and Emma Sage are dancing/tumbling to 'The Locomotion' by Grand Funk Railroad....again, I know my eyes will be flowing with tears of pride and joy. Otto and his pal Michael wrote a song [I'll post it later] and playing their is such a nice song and they are both such serious musicians....they aspire to be performers, and I know they will reach their dreams. Then Greta is performing in a dance/tumbling routine with a group of 8th grade girls. She will be able to highlight her gymnastics skills and I know my heart will be full of pride. Katrina is on a youth group retreat this weekend. She had a great spring break, heading into New York City with friends on the train to shop and eat in Chinatown, playing lacrosse and just keeping her days full of adventure and learning.

And I'm one tired Momma,,,,but loving every moment, of every day that I am blessed with. Life is truly a blessing and I count mine and give thanks.

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