Friday, April 29, 2005

Carefree Spring Days.....

These pictures say it all…….the joy of being a child in springtime. Emma Sage just loves being outside, free to jump and jump and jump! Her three favorite activities these days are jumping on the trampoline, swinging on her swing [doing it her own special way,,,,on her stomach, running with her sweet little legs along the ground to launch off into the air in front of her,,,,,,swing back and then start over with her little legs running along the ground as she swings forward so she can launch herself off again]…………and gardening. We have been busy planting spring bulbs and tubers, our beans are in [and tee-pee support made] [[looking forward to the hot summer days when the tee-pee will be covered with bean vines and we can sit under it to cool off from the sun and read books and pick beans/peas to munch on them.

Enjoy these spectacular spring days, of moist, fresh earth, the sweet smell of blossoms, the amazing colors, every shade of green and tree and shrub blossoms in colors so true you stare in awe of this spectacular show.

{{If you noticed Emma Sage has two different colored socks on in the picture,,,you are observant and you have found her latest thing,,,,she has to dress herself from head to toe and *she* picks out what she is going to wear [even if it doesn't match]

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Monica said...

Beautiful... I have sometimes said that I would like to live where it is summer all the time but I just don't think summer would be quite so special without going through spring first. There is something so wonderful about the changing of the seasons. I love the pictures of Emma Sage on the trampoline :). I want to get Mikey one this summer... he loves them and jumps like mad on them. I also think I would enjoy it ;).