Thursday, April 14, 2005

A beautiful spring evening out.....

We had open house tonight at the children’s school. What a wonderful evening we had. The day was bright, with a light breeze and Emma Sage wore the most adorable jumper with a barrette! Just precious!

We wend to Emma Sage’s classroom first and she was very excited to show us around. The whole time in the classroom as one of her classmates saw her we would hear a very excited “Mom, Dad, that’s Emma Sage!” and she was busy saying ‘Hello’ to all of her friends. Her teacher is very nice and Emma Sage was very proud to show us the sink in the bathroom! Too funny! They have a frog egg sack in a tank and some tadpoles have hatched…..Emma Sage thought it was great to use the magnifying glass to see the little critters. We talked about the stages of the frog and they had models of each step of the process from egg, tadpole to frog,,,,,,we need to go to our pond tomorrow and scoop up an egg sack and watch the process at home too!

Then we went for ice cream while we waited for the correct time to attend Otto’s open classroom and then his gym show! Otto has great teachers and lots of wonderful peers in his class. It was great to see how his writing has progressed through this school year and Otto was very proud of the things in his classroom that he got to show us. We then headed to the gym for the show!!! And what a patriotic show it was,,,,,red, white and blue and my favorite songs, “This is my country” and it couldn’t have sounded any more beautiful than being sung by 100 eight year olds! They performed to various songs and each class did a routine. Otto’s class used the parachute and Emma Sage clapped and clapped for her brother.

Here are a few pictures from the evening. My most favorite is of Emma Sage, Abby and Otto.

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Monica said...

Wonderful! I'm so glad to read about how many are being touched byt the essense the magic of Emma Sage :). The pictures are wonderful and I'm so glad that the school experience is going so well.