Sunday, April 03, 2005

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Monica said...

I'm so glad to read you posting again... I enjoy reading your words :). Its amazing to look back and think of when we were first touched by trisomy 21. I can vaguely remember watching a movie that was based on a true story about a woman's fight to get her child with trisomy 21 into the regular school system and how she went on to be a speaker across the states on the topic. The entire show was based on her fight to have her child accepted. I was so young I don't remember it all... but I do remember that at the time of the show she decided to keep her child home with her instead of institutionalize him and this was so far from the "norm". I remember crying as I watched the movie even though I was probably just in the room with my parents an they didn't think I understood any of it. I just remember how unfairly this person was treated and how hard this mother had to fight. It made me so sad... but it was quickly erased from my mind... it wasn't until much later that I was able to pull up that memory.

Life Goes On was also one of my points of exposure. I loved that show and faithfully watched it every Sunday at 6 p.m. I so wish I could get each season on DVD as I would love to watch it all again from this perspective.

Then... I met my "other family" who had adopted a child with trisomy 21 and he had passed away even before I met them but we all became family as they went through adopting their next two children. And there were many defining moments in those years.

Its amazing how life goes along... and it just goes on and on. Thanks for the walk down memory lane ;).