Saturday, February 17, 2007

Think of me first as a person

Today is my dear friend Betsy's Birthday. As I went to visit her blog, as I do daily, I was met with this very powerful post.

It is amazing to me, but I have formed some of the most incredible and profound friendships in my life, based solely on the fact that we share the same bond of loving someone with an extra chromosome on their 21st pair. I have never met Betsy in real life, but I call her one of my dearest friends. That rings true with so many other amazing souls I have met on this journey. Some I've been blessed to have met in real life at this point, others, I know somewhere in the future our physical beings will cross.....but in the mean time, our spirits, our souls are joined because the the power of something most of society deems as unworthy.

So, this morning I sit here, with tears streaming down my face at a documentary that Betsy wrote about in this post.

The video production is called: My Favorite Child It is an film documentary made 40 years ago, but It might all still be sitting in a dusty box somewhere if not for Dwight Sr.’s grandson, George Ingmire. Two years ago, he started rummaging through a tangle of film spools he inherited after his grandfather’s death in 1995.

Instead, an unexpected audio tape caught his attention. On it, his grandfather’s voice is telling a story. Trying to explain. Describing his son, Dwight Core Jr., Ingmire’s uncle.

Here is a link to the whole story: Home Movie Now a Slice of Americana

The film is in two parts:

First Part


Second Part

I urge all of you to watch this amazing video. So much of it hits me hard [in a very powerful and positive way].

The point when his father talks about not being able to teach his son and they decide [which was basically the only option at the time in the 1960s] to send their beloved son to a school where people are 'trained to handle' children such as "D" just broke my heart.

I am so blessed that I am schooling my daughter at home.

and when "D's" sister talks about the loss of her Mother......I flooded with tears, as I struggle everyday with the fact that my own beloved Mother is gone. It is the hardest thing that has ever happened to me in my life. My Mother was such a huge part of my life...she was a spirit that just radiated joy and hope.

and Burney, if you are reading......when I watched this video I immediately thought of you. I love you so dearly.....and I'm so thankful that you were my Mothers' dearest friend for most of her life.


Michelle said...

I posted about this video/story on the T21 board the other day (maybe you missed it when I posted about it)...I warned everyone they would need tissues! It is very powerful. Did you read the whole story about how this film was made? It's now in the Library of Congress.

jennifergg said...

Thank you for these's a beautiful story and one that needs to be told...

Grumpy O. Selznick said...

tara i want to send something to you. i am the producer of the movie "my brother" - can you email me at gsegal0 at yahoo dot com.
looking forward to it.
greg segal

Patricia said...

Thank you for all the lovely comments made about, "Think of me First as a Person". I am so proud of my son, George and what he did to finish my dad's work. Our brother Dwight feels like a celebrity!! Which he is. I am so happy that our story is getting out there!! Our family always knew that Dwight was a special gift and we were blessed to have him.

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have cried about Down syndrome in over a year. As De and I watched, I held sleepy Miss E and pondered the reality of life.

We thank God she was born in this century, that her opportunities are not so limited. Dwight is such a lucky man to be blessed with such a beautiful family.

This was by far the most moving video I have ever seen.

Betsy said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! It seems very strange to me that we've never "met" too -- Although we are hundreds of miles away from one another, I feel like I could just show up at your house, knock on the door, and you'd open it with a big smile and a pot of coffee, and not even be surprised I was there!

I knew this film would touch you deeply in many ways. Most especially the understanding of the love between a mother and child - both the love you have for your mom and the love your children have for you.

Your children love and cherish Emma Sage as Dwight's sisters have loved and cherished him, and I imagine Emma Sage to have a very full, happy life ahead of her where everyone is vying for her time and attention.

You are a good Mom, and an amazing friend.